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Welcome to KMG Woodworking! There are currently three KMG categories available:

As an avid tobacco pipe smoker and collector, I originally sought to make the kind of pipe stand I would want, one that would both incorporate pipe related images and display the full beauty of the pipe. My greatest difficulty was finding a balance between the image and the pipe, so that one did not detract from the other. After creating many prototypes (gifts to friends), I arrived at a design where the image and the pipe equally compliment one another. There are two main pipe stand designs, 1. The medallion pipe stand which features one of several original PttP images, and 2. A classic stand without the medallion. I use hand bent copper cradles for both designs, which can also be found in two categories: curled and straight. Custom orders are accepted under certain guidelines. Please contact me for more details.

It wasn't long after I became comfortable making pipe stands that I begin to generate prototypes for recovery related pieces. Applying the same image transfer and design concept I use for pipe stands, I make AA anniversary chip holders, slogan tokens, slogan desktop medallions, and sobriety clocks. Custom orders are accepted under certain guidelines. Please contact me for more details.

Above all else, woodworking satisfies a creative urge within me. The #idowhatiwant category is a complete expression of that urge and features original and retooled work that simply  strikes my fancy. Custom work in this category is not available.

The story of KMG and my adventures in woodworking are really only just beginning. It is a creative and personal journey that I hope has no definitive end, but rather will evolve and grow as I grow. I feel strongly that all of those who have supported me, whether through encouragement, advice, or the purchase of my work, are on that great adventure right along with me.

Thank you for stopping by, fellow travellers!

All the best,
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